Goals Edit

Goals: Edit

  • To grow and become a large secret Clan
  • To take over the Blog with geese
  • To goosify everything goosifyable
  • To stay amazing and almighty
  • To have a strong goose group in the RP
  • To find good goose gifs
  • Take over the world

How to achieve goals: Edit

  • Get pages and members
  • Take over the tavern and RPs, the rest will soon fall
  • Just do it :P
  • This one doesn't take much effort, seeing as we are geese.
  • The Goose Group will hold cats hostage until they join
  • Search up "goose gifs"
  • Work with our allies, the other water fowl.

Goosemissions Edit

Our allegiance with Duck in FowlClan will help us defend the fowl against other secret Clans and fowlshamers. We must show the fowlshamers what we will do to defend the Goose Army. You may spam the fowlshamers with goose pictures on their message walls here.

Fowlshamers Edit

  • Sundance
  • Gummypaw
  • Stormy Sea
  • Gigglesplash
  • Owlheart
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